First of all, let us congratulate you for taking the very first step.

Being an IBCLC is a wonderful, giving, rewarding, and a very hard job. But if this is what has been burning behind your mind, and your heart, you are in the right place walking on the right path as nothing makes you feel like going to a work in the morning, knowing your impact on the young lives you get involved. And this impact is not just for today and not just for that particular family but for life and for the community we all belong.

We offer mentorship program for those who are interested in becoming an IBCLC, as well as those are new in the field (Including but not limited to IBCLC, MD, DO, DDS,NP, RN, Doula, or Birth assistants) and looking to gain extra experience before starting up their own practice or working in a clinic setting.

Please send an email to to learn more about the hours, setting, costs and requirements/expectations.