Regardless you are pumping to go back to work outside of the home or other reasons, pumping correctly and efficiently is one of the biggest stressors for breastfeeding/chestfeeding families. For going back to work; Planning for your return to work ahead of time can help ease the transition.
At baby and me lactation services we can help you with this transition. Here are some of the common questions most working moms wonder about;

  • How to talk with your employer about your options?
  • Questions about my pump, if you are using the correct flanges to pump efficiently and how to make pumping sustainable?
  • How often should I pump at work?
  • Storing my milk?
  • How much breastmilk should I need for the caregivers when I go back to work?
  • Specific questions related to job you perform and what the law says about your rights as a breastfeeding and working mother…

Preparing for questions like these can help you continue to enjoy breastfeeding/chestfeeding your baby long after your maternity leave is over.

Clinic appointments $75/ 45minutes consult in Columbia
In-home consults $140/per visit