If you are an established patient with Dr Beams's Medical Home (we welcome both Dr Z. Beams and Dr T. Aikara's pediatric patients) we can help you with your breastfeeding questions right here at the office.

The fee schedule as follows;
The initial visit: 55 minutes, includes the full history review and examination of the baby and the mother, this may include intake measurements
The discount-fee schedule as follows;
For singletons; $65 and multiples $ 110.00
Follow-up visit 30 minutes including milk transfer check-ups. The findings will be discussed with your healthcare provider. .
Fee is $35.00
Weight checks: 15 minutes with no milk transfer measurements.
The fee $20.00

To book your appointment please call front office at (443) 832 9260 or
Email Moira at MoiraT@BabyAndMeLC.com

Our address is: 10794 Hickory Ridge Road Columbia MD 21044