Baby And Me Lactation Services

Ann Faust

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

PhD (Bot-Med), IBCLC, MBChB, BA(Hons), RLC, RH, AHG

Holistic, personalized, and evidence-based breastfeeding support since 2006

Our Main Services

Baby And Me Lactation offers the following services at the moment. However, if you have special needs / requests, that are not listed under our Services please do not hesitate to contact us. We may either be able to make special arrangements for your needs or can help you find some other names or directions. Our specialities include -but not limited to

Fee Schedule


To ensure the safety of everyone and be compliant with the local, CDC as well as the WHO recommendations we are limiting the one-on-one appointments to maximum 3 clinic appointments or 1 in-home consults per day to give us time to thoroughly clean and disinfect the room, as well as all the equipment. We also have to have at least 30 minutes for our Jade Air Purifier, one of the World’s most advanced standalone medical-grade air purifiers to completely circulate the air in between families. (Clinical research shows the SCA Jade Air Purifier has excellent performance even in Operating Rooms to clean and sterilize indoor air.)

This information is for general informational purposes only and is not intended to provide specific authority, advice or recommendations. Where you deem necessary, we suggest that you seek advice regarding your particular situation from the appropriate professional. We have very limited on-line help slots also available. However, as the nature of our business involves physical examination as well as transfer checks which cannot be done unless physically we are in the same space, we are limiting the appointments per day to give us a time to clean the space in between families as well as keep any possible contact between families to a minimum.


Babies are born to breastfeed / chestfeed, this comes naturally to them. However, this ancient art is a learned skill for many new mothers. At Baby & Me Lactation Services, we are committed to offering you the best possible way to reach your lactation goals.

We offer holistic (looking at the big picture), personalized, and detailed consultations at your home, in our clinic or hospitals around Howard, parts of, Baltimore, Anne Arundel and Montgomery Counties, since 2006.

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Here is Ann's personal statement about her practice

I am a holistic practitioner who uses evidence-based science as her foundation. I believe it is my job to not only to help to establish good lactation relationship between the baby (ies) and the new family but to also make sure the whole process of lactation (from pregnancy or induction to weaning and sometimes further) is enjoyable for all the family. What I aim to offer is helping the new parents gain the confidence to adjust the life with the new baby while addressing the breastfeeding/chest-feeding and lactation issues that may arise during this relationship. My job is to give you evidence-based information, so you can make educated decisions for your family’s needs. The help may have been needed from the first moment you found out about your baby to breastfeeding your toddler and anything and anytime in between.

Lactation and breastfeeding both are natural processes like breathing and walking but just like those it needs to be learned, practiced correctly to make it something you do without paying an awfully lot of attention. In lucky circumstances, you learn this from your own community as a young child watching while your own mother, relatives or neighbours breastfeed. But if you grew-up in a community where breastfeeding wasn't the norm, this new skill can be a little harder to adjust. This is where the IBCLC comes to help; answer your questions, point out if there are any medical reasons why breastfeeding is not working (both mother and/or baby related) or even any emotional issues that needs to be worked on to establish a better lactation relationship. When I work with you and your family, I would like to communicate closely with all your healthcare professionals. This would be from your physician, midwife, to your chiropractor to your herbalist or acupuncturist as I believe every one of us brings an answer to another piece of the puzzle (as you know, human beings are complex beings) to give the optimal start to your lactation relationship, also the life of your baby and serve your family fully.

Key Points

To be able to serve you in a healthy and proper way

We still wash hands every time we enter and exit the room, when we touch our phones, fully clean the room and all flat surfaces, all the pillows and blankets etc with medical-grade disinfectant. In addition to these we are asking

  • You to let us know prior to the appointments if you are someone in your household is not feeling well. There may be other ways that we can meet your needs or take appropriate precautions before meeting with you.
  • When you arrive to the appointment, please call us from your car and wait until we invite you upstairs, so you do not have to use the common waiting room(s) Our cancellation policy reminds the same

As mothers and professionals who are working with children, we understand that sometimes plans change. When you are cancelling your appointment, you must notify the Practice at least 6 hours before your appointment by texting or calling 240-893-3808. You can also send an email to Moira at . We understand that occasionally illness or emergencies occur, and you may not be able to give as much notice in those instances. This allows us to run the clinic efficiently so another mother and baby in need may take your appointment if you need to cancel. You do not have to give a reason for cancellation. There may be times when appointments are cancelled by Baby and Me Lactation Services if this happens no fee will be charged, and we will always give you as much notice as possible of cancellation. If you miss your appointment and have failed to notify the Practice 6 hours before your appointment you will be charged an administration fee of $25.00. If you cancel the appointment less than 30 minutes to the scheduled appointment time, there will be a fee of $65.00 to compensate the time of our staff. This will be taken from the debit/credit card details you supplied upon booking your appointment.