"My only wish from working with Ann is that I would have found her when I had my first son! I promised myself that I would reach out to a lactation consultant if I had any issues with breastfeeding my second son and, sure enough, I contacted Ann from the hospital bed after suffering through a painful latch the first few days of breastfeeding. It could not have been a better decision! Her knowledge and confidence put me at ease and has made my breastfeeding journey so much more relaxing and enjoyable (after a few fixes, all pain was completely gone!). I rave about her to every new mom friend in the area!"

Shaffer Miller

October 2021

Ann was very accommodating and spent extra time with us. The at tentativeness and time spent was greatly appreciated


Dr Faust has the best bedside manners I have seen for a long time.


Ann came highly recommended to us after seeing 2 other IBCLCs without results. Our in-home appointments were fantastic. I really do appreciate our consultant. Ann is the hands down best


July, 2019

Ann is amazing and so helpful. So glad I found her!


July, 2019

Dr. Ann was extremely professional and caring. She spotted the things wasn’t working with me and my baby when we are breastfeeding and fixed it. I would highly recommend Ann.


June, 2019

Best patient care I have received in a very long time


May, 2019

The best patient care I have received in a very long time. Ann was especially knowledgeable about breastfeeding toddlers and military nursing issues. Spotted the problem all of my other doctors missed less than half an hour of our first meeting.

Amber H

May, 2018

Customer Service, Environment, Quality, Wait Time, all A+ Ann was extremely nice and provided a tremendous amount of help and is truly an expert in this field. I would highly recommend Baby and Me.

Wayne C.

December, 2017

Ann is very knowledgeable, relaxing, and easy to talk to. Helped me deal with anxiety and issues I had been dealing with as a new mom, and a nurse. She guided us in a non-judgemental manner and gave us options to. Extremely satisfied, and highly recommend her

Heather D

All around wonderful experience with Dr. Faust! She gave us the science of breastfeeding with a traditionally warm manner. Thank you!!

Stephanie Z

August, 2017

Convenience (in-home consult) and thoroughness. She answered all my questions and provided lots of useful information

Kevelyn F .

July, 2017

Ann Faust is amazing!!! Such a helpful woman and she has been so encouraging to me!

Mary N

March, 2017

I cannot speak highly enough of services provided by Ann for lactation. Her experience, demeanor, and bedside manner are unrivaled. She provided solid advice, a caring touch, and an expert hands on easy to follow instruction. She restored my wife's confidence, peace of mind, and connections with our daughter. The home visit was invaluable and we cannot thank her enough.


October, 2016

Ann is one in a million. She completely saved breastfeeding for me and my baby. I am beyond impressed and forever grateful for her care and help


January, 2015

I just wanted to say *THANK YOU* for your support from the very beginning! Our daughter is 13 1/2 months old now, and 4 days ago... she stopped asking for milk. I wanted to wean her off on her terms and here we are. I didn't even think I'd make it another day until you came to visit us when you did. You saved us, and made our experience a successful one. I know that if I am blessed with another baby, that we will be calling you from Day 1! :)


September, 2011

After having some difficulty nursing my son during his first few days of life, I was in a lot of pain, extremely discouraged, and afraid I may not be able to continue. I contacted Ann and she immediately put my mind at ease and assured me that there were several strategies I could use to make the experience more comfortable and effective for me and my baby. During her visit to my home she listened to my concerns, observed, and made recommendations based on my needs, while always clearly explaining the rationale for her recommendations. As a result, I have a better understanding and breastfeeding is now the pleasant experience that it should be!"

Shelby L

June, 2011